Wall Street

by Ryland Rose

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Produced and Mixed by C1
Tracks 3, 8, 9 & 10 Produced by Hamley


released October 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Ryland Rose Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: July IV
Verse 1:

Pink Floyd on the system, you can say a kids zoning/
Never stressed on the merry go, you can see a kids frozen/
Chillin, I'm like alright here we go, I'll be with you in a moment/
Don't adjust your stereo, stay clear while I split this game open/

I know these lames all bogus/ 
Wanna keep me down, now pretend liked they know us/
Still we ain't even notice/ 
Quiet on the set, man I'm rainman focused/

Quick glance over both shoulders, eyes wide open, never show emotions/
Just know that we ain't boastin, before I coast to coast it, riding roller coasters/
We're standing on the boulevard, but I know her sites set on the Roosevelt/
Still ignorance is bliss, so we stay high when they shoot us down/

Wall St in a kid sites/
The takeover, I'll take flight/
Shakedown those that never take time/
The big payback, time for me to take mine/

(Chorus x 1)

Whatever it turns out to be/
I'm a take it and just run with it/
'Cos I don't hear 'em when they speak to me/
So you know I'm having fun with it/

I put this city on my shoulders/
I'm just living what they taught us/
This is life as we know it/
'Cos no walls gonna hold us/

Verse 2:

I'm a product of July 4th/ 
Independent till I fly north/
It's no lie, no ride see I skywalk/
Give me a first class seat when I'm on board/

I need everything I ever dreamt/
I got a dream that is heaven sent/
I'm the best secret that was ever kept/
They want me to take a seat but I'll never rest/

This is heaven in a mindstate/
Therefore I took hell on a blind date/
I been living in my shell for a few days/
I been tripping off the fact maybe rhyme pays/

They say my lyrics lacks substance/
A few critics got a problem/
Visions of south by southwest/
No matter where I land, still Melbourne on my chest/

In the last few years, all my blood sweat and tears been poured to a CD/
And in the last few years, I probably seen all of my dreams in a deep sleep/
See I can't stand still, they try tell me chill but they know that it ain't me/
before i jump from edge, one last look back followed by a deep breathe/


Chorus x 2

© 2012 R. Egan / J. Hamley
Track Name: NY Times

I'm just ridin' round the city with my speakers set on full/
With the whole world watching and I don't know what to do/
So I give it all I got till there's nothing left to prove/
I'm just running till I'm on, I got nothing left to lose, now/

I'm on the front page of the news Ma/
I'm on the front page of the news now/
And I ain't ever slowing down/
Till this dream has come around/
My feet will never touch the ground/

Verse 1:

I never knew my meaning, I hope I find out/
I'm just in this city living till its lights out/
Remember I was different, but they like me now/
Remember they wanted nothing to do with Ry's sound?!/

You burnt me, burnt me for nothing/
Searching, searching for something/
Up early, working I'm hungry/
Liz Hurley's, call me don't know 'em/
We drink till 4 in the morning, schooling was never important/
I am in my room recording, they were just never supporting/

Woah, Let me take it up notch/
Writing these songs got me late to my job/
Should quit this dream but it's painful to stop/
You'll never know me and this pain that I got/
Now it's bottoms up, bottles to the sky/
And I bottle my emotions, 'cos emotions running high/

I never had a house, no white picket fences/
That's why I gotta get my mum her own gated entrance/
It's all positive, I never play with tensions/
These great expectations, are  some really great intentions, and/

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

Motion pictures play inside my conscience/
I used to rush now I'm just weighing up my options/
From the window of my apartment/
I'm focused in the clutch, that's like Michael at the Garden/

I mean I made somethig straight from nothin'/
So much dedication there's no time for me to function/
It's my occupation man, no matter what the budget/
I'm Spike on the sideline with this detail that I'm watching it/

Posted in my element, pro's say that I'm talented/
You're posing like a counterfeit, their posters are irrevelevnt/
We never got along, no one was right or wrong/
Now all this time is gone, but, this ain't that type of song/

Stay afloat with a taste to win, I think I know what it takes to win/
Never let this go or let this slip, I got this game in the tightest grip/
Till they keep the music that I making, like a family heirloom/
Untill the plane I'm on is finally giving me some legroom/

Chorus x 1

So don't be afraid to fly/
These buildings light up the sky/
And everything will be fine, but don't take it as a promise/

'Cos I might be waving goodbye/
I'm dreaming of New York Times/
Don't ever let them deprive, you of all you ever wanted/

Chorus x 1

Outro (Singing)

© 2012 R. Egan / S. Sisifa
Track Name: Working Late (Feat. Allday)
Verse 1:

I aint from here, disconnected/ 
Against the wind, I ain't been befriended/
Barely mentioned, disrespected/
Built on my own, I ain't been invented/

And I'm faded, on this rap dream/
Wondering, how far to take it/
I feel aimless, been mistaken/
I barely fit, one wierd arrangement/

On the benches, so I set goals/
In the trenches, till I get old/
Heads will roll, man I'm relentless/
So when I'm gone, live through a sentence/

I ain't phased, just pay the bills/
Sunny days, With winter chills/
Tell her pinch me, so I know it's real/
Until I'm six feet, it's all I feel, it's all I feel/

Chorus (Allday)

Like Wall Street in the Winter, I'm feeling colder each day/
I'd like to have this forever/
Till stock's are up, I'm Working Late/
Can't walk away, I'm Working Late/

Verse 2:

And They don't get, what I'm talking/
Missed the concept, well I ain't walking/
Still they take it, out of context/
Brain is vacant, they ain't in my conscience/

So it's god bless, I ain't movin/
Talk is nothing, see improvement/
And I don't feel, like I'm losing/
Things are so real, it's like a movement/

Co-signed by no one, you dropped the ball now/
This game is so fun, I watch you fall down/
They used to tell me, I was such a hard sell/
Don't need a pass out, I just need to laugh now/

I won't calm down, I raised the bar/
I set the standard, we're leagues apart/
Bleeding heart, and I ain't leaving/
I found my groove, and it's my season, it's my season/

Bridge (Allday)

You see the look in my eyes, the fire burning inside/
Is something that, you've never seen before/
You wouldn't know what it means, that's why you'll never be me/
When I wake up, to what I've been dreaming of/

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:

The credits roll, my final scene/
And I won't fold, the way it seems/
It's done and told, man they won't keep up/ 
I run this show now, it's my arena/ 

Lifting a barbell, though they can't tell/
Show them soul, something that's heartfelt/
Straight from nowhere, abondonded building/
To the top floor, my story's appealing/

This ain't no hobby, hotel lobby/
Duffle bag packed, I just chase that glory/
They wonder how, why I stuck around/
Till I'm underground, till the script is shelved/

And I spill more than your average rapper/ 
Till I'm at war in my 11th chapter/
Ain't no actor, I don't need a favour/
When the set says cut, guts on the paper, cos I'm a saviour/

Chorus x 2

© 2012 R. Egan / T. Gaynor / S. Sisifa
Track Name: Won't Be Long
Verse 1:

They said I'm back when I never left/
They said, hold it down but I'm never stressed/
a kids so cold like the everest/
Im the fresh prince though I ain't jazzy Jeff/

I don't think I was down with carlton/
Talk like a white kid, think like marvin/
Hail from melbourne, treated like a martian/
Between me and you, That's quite a large margin/

Marching, see I only move forward/
Even when I'm down never feel like im falling/
Kinda awkward, wait better pause it/
I been in my orbit, hoping that you're all in/

So many kicks you would think I sink jumpshots/
In my lightyears, now see what the buzz got?!/
Airtime, your boy got dumb hops/
Talk bout swag when you only got dunlops/ lame/


I'm doing my thing, they don't really know that I own this dream/
And I got my team, feeling like King Kong on this beat, tell 'em/
That it won't be long, won't be long, it won't be long now/
Imma sing my song, and light up night when the sunlight goes down/

Verse 2:

My raps, highlight heavy/
You already know that I'm prime time ready/
Beat up ride, with my eye on a Bentley/
White like Betty but the rhyme still deadly/

Ry been chillin, tell em Ry been chillin/
High five women, Put their hands to the ceilin/
Ry is a weapon, best try and conceal him/
Know this a-bombs bout to blow any minute/

All the girls with amazing faces/
I been getting high like amazing grace is/
If you been down bout to give you a facelift/
Fire in my soul just know that it stays lit/

On the late shift, Never on sick leave/
Thats why I succeed, never be six feet/
Deep, see me and my slick steeze/
While you're stuttering like kings speech/ haha

Chorus x 1

Cos All I ever really wanted/
Was something that can feed my conscience/
No time for the nonsense/
I been high like comets/

Tell em all stop trippin/
I'mma do me you should all start livin/
And smile more often/
Days like these could be gone, no warning/

Chorus x 1

© 2012 R. Egan / J. Hamley
Track Name: Ride for Me (Feat. Shadow Kitsuné)

Save a Ride for me/
As far as I can see you are all I need/
And I'll never be gone/
Knowing that you smile when I sing my song/

Verse 1:

E-type Jag/Wood grain dash/
Reminise on wild days that we've had/
Reflecting on, the reflection of, my
Expensive blonde, her shades in the sand/

Look back at the brillaince/
You in a bikini, believe me it's brilliant/
And you look like a million, bucks/ 
Gotta me feeling high like helium/

Quick dash down Swanston/
Tell the homies go, so we roll like koston/
Suburbs got us feeling like we're boxed in/
Hit the road, Don't care what the cost is/

And my girl rides shotgun/
Bonnie and Clyde, on the grind till we got some/
She can't knock the hustle/
Forever got my back when I land in some trouble/


Shadow Kitsuné:

Don't you ever hide from me/
I've been up all night, lonely/
I'll be by your side, homie/
Won't you save a Ride for Me/


Save a Ride for me/
As far as I can see you are all I need/
And I'll never be gone/
Knowing that you smile when I sing my song/

Verse 2:

Sitting in a sports car/ 
Tell me what your thoughts are/
Gone in the night like we're hiding from report cards/ and/
You'll never let me fall far/
So I hold you up high like a hallmark/

You should stand on my skateboard/
God damn, have i told you you should skate more?/
Polaroid, killing it in great form/
Girl next door, crushing on since grade 4/

I gotta build my rapport/
Lord of the fries is all i afford/
things get better in the long stretch/
And you stayed positive in the offsets/

God bless, you and I against them/
When I say those three words I am deadset/
I'm a buy you the world when I jetset/
You ain't just a girl you're my girl and a best friend/

Bridge (Shadow Kitsuné):

So when you see me calling/
You are all I wanted/
I know you must feel something/
Let me know/

I can see it in your face now/
Don't ever tell me I'm phased out/
Friends don't understand how/
They'll never know/

Verse 3:

Premium, never seem dressed down/
Even when you dressed down, better than the rest out/
Girls see you gotta change how they dressed now/
I love that, never change you're the best girl/

See your number, night time lotto/
Flight of the conchords, part time model/
Wherever you go, best know imma follow/
Any place you want imma take you, Otto/

The Jackie to my JFK/
Just know that I'm La Guardia (I'm a guard ya), not JFK/
And I can see you're happy when we make LA/
The Downtown girl, you're a Soho babe/

So hot, wonder why I got a fever/
Soap opera, your an after school feature/
Feels like when Drazic met Anita/
Heart break high that's a lie, never leave her/

Chorus x 1

Outro Singing (Shadow Kitsuné)

© 2012 R. Egan / C. Cox / S. Sisifa
Track Name: Apartment 204
Verse 1:

I wrote this in my apartment without a couch/
Tenants see tattoos, try kick me out/
If I don't pay the rent then I'd probably bounce/
Overseas to Wall Street, I could make it count/

And it could be my time (I can feel it)
Tell mum quit her job, she about to see me shine/
I'm seeing city lights, see it in her eyes/
Wall Street or not, this city is our life/

(Well I remember) nobody would applaud/
Act like we mean it, drunk party talk/
Try to be a genius, what am I believing?/
No matter my response, say I'm fucking dreaming/

And I'm just getting by/ (I can feel it)
My parents did that, I saw my father try/
I never saw him cry when we couldn't pay rent/
Of course I gotta shine, what do you expect?!/

Dad said life's is a bitch, nothing here for free/
Now I just go, take what I need/
Middle fingers in the air if you know just what I mean/
Middle fingers in the air if you're hungry for that green/ 

I think somebody lied (I can feel it)
Rappers sell they're soul, purely to survive/
Get mum a house, she'll never have to worry/
A rolex and a driver, she'll never have to hurry/

(Well I remember) missed opportunities/
Rappers getting signed, Labels overlooking me/
A rapper never liked me, I wasn't quick to judge/
I just played it cool, I didn't know who he was/

Somebody said I'm winning/ (I can feel it) 
That's probably why I'm different, I enjoy competition/
They don't see the vision, if so let 'em be/
They said I won't succeed, but if so let 'em see, Wall Street/

And I can feel it in the air tonight/
So let 'em know that it's my time/

And I been waiting for my whole life/
So don't tell me that it's alright/


Just keep doing what you're doing and it should all fall into place

© 2012 R. Egan / S. Sisifa
Track Name: Watch Me Rise (Feat. Allday)
Verse 1:

I'm chasing dreams, is that a crime?/
Missed out on yours, I'm getting mine/
Sorry bra, you had your time/
You kept me down, now watch me rise/

Another kid from Melbourne, now gimme the crown/ 
I'm, not stepping aside/ 
Never, I got too much pride/ yeah/
Now Roger that, and take a note/
I'm on a high, let's stay afloat/

Teachers said, that I wouldn't amount to squat/ 
Now I take shots from a mountain top/
to performing in any jordan that I want/
Electric shock, your shit is toast/
I heard your song, that's shits a joke/

I know it's ignorant, thats nothing new/
But I ain't listening, cos they ain't have a clue/
And if took advice from dudes/
I wouldn't be just where I'm at/
I guess that really sucks for you/



And so you Watch Me Rise
And try to drag me down
'Cos you attempted to fly
You fell to the ground

So fuck you
'Cos I'mma be out
I see the tears in your eyes
You better Watch Me Rise
Just Watch Me Rise
Just Watch Me Rise

Verse 2 (Allday)

Better write this down, underline it thrice/
I shall be a legend every second is more time to rise/
And I'm self raising i raised my fuckin' self from the dirt up/
Without help, like a zombie outa the grave and now its murder/
No i aint heard your rhyme motherfucker hand me a lime I'm out here killing/
Fertilizer in my car and they say im on drugs im out here dealing/
Found your villain I'll be the vampire for you, I'll play the bad guy role/
'Cos I'm anti Y'all and I say a lot of shit, mean every bit, I stand by it all/
Yeah I snapped on this one, didn't you listen? Yeah I went and hit 'em till a black eye swole/
And by gosh I'm serious said I'd appear and sap thy souls/
Pray to the lord if you're real come around here and grant my wish/
But I'm already there with a full head of hair a few good friends and I love my bitch/
But I wonder if this rise continues, one day i'll make enough to live/
'Cos one of us kids gonna be the man, I think I might be the one who is/
In the meantime watch me rise, through foggy eyes/
While you cry I dont deserve it but these fans are goin' decide/

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:

I'm out my mind, buy a clue/
Maybe a trip to the past, sip on the fountain of youth/
Let me save you time, you slipped, and... its evident too/
Now taste these bars, then wash it down with the truth/

Now these tables turn/
Told me to crash and burn/ 
I ain't hurt, the old me wouldn't have thought/
Before I reacted first/

Now I'm calm, slow it down/
Sip the red, left to drown/
Resurrect, back around/
Go and pray, to see me shelved/

Dust it off/
Like the chip on your shoulder, or should I say chips?/ 
Damn, here's some dip and a cold one, shit/ 
Enjoy the show, few of us live/

Thats like Hell yeah, fucking right/ 
Take care playing in my ride/
By myself, I'm alright/
My darkest part, now gone for life/

My homeboys Mike, and I'm cool with Pippen/
To the top, there ain't no limit/
Now you and I are the opposite of me and all deez, man/
We ain't just chillin'/
Now it's your turn, to be judged/
Now sit and learn, as I rise above/


© 2012 R. Egan / T. Gaynor / S. Sisifa
Track Name: The Deep E.N.D

So I'll be gone this weekend/
I'm going off the deep end/
Don't ask me what I'm drinking/
I been caught in a daze/

Push it to limit, and you tell me that it's real/
Stone cold love, maybe it could give you chills/
Better look me in the eye when I tell you how I feel/
Otherwise all I know is that maybe I'm been going astray/

Verse 1:

Talks that I regret, moments I forget/
They'll never know the pressure, someone saying that you're next/
And all I do is sweat, sleep I never get/
Without a moments rest, I'm just momentary vexed/

Doing all I can, praying I'm discovered/
And all I see is green, that's envy in abundance/
Questioning myself, feeding all this hunger/
That's probably the reason that I rarely see my mother/

She's 10 minutes down the road/
Acting like I'm too busy I don't even get the phone/
Frontin' like I'm on the road, I can't even book a show/
I'm surrounded by strangers and she's living on her own/

Bad son, yeah I know/
I set myself apart from whatever helps me grow/
Reckless with my art, undiscovered and it shows/
Hold my cards to my heart, I got no where else to go/

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

Look, just tell me it's my time C/
I can't take another minute of this industry/
And we're young, broke and classy/
Just pour another red, maybe we can let the wine speak/

Maybe something that can calm me/
In my Mitsubishi but I'm picturing Ferrari/
Never seemed phased, till I started entertainment/
Never pictured this, when I started in the basement/

I could use a clone, stressing but I don't/
I could use a phone, just to call her on the low/
I could use a home, just to slip into my zone/
This musics all I got, it's the realest shit i know/

Try to help me grow, try to help me climb/
And I never slip from this mountain in my mind/
Playing with these notes, thats until the end of time/
And when I finally get it that could be the end of Ry/

Chorus x 1

Don't tell me different, 'cos I won't listen/
And when I'm here you'll never be the same/
I know they pray I'm gone/
But you were wrong, now I'm here to stay/

And I got my vision, and it's so vivid/
It's clear as day/
Take no days off, when they say I'm on/
We'll never be the same/

Chorus x 1

© 2012 R. Egan / S. Sisifa
Track Name: Holograms (Extended)
Verse 1:

This is life in the fast lane, told them all I can't change/
Tried to be patient, now I just think fast, car chase/
In the city with the friends that I parlay/

With, young, broke but our minds rich/
Stay close, we're a tight knit/
Lately my money pressed like a light switch/
But I ain't even stressed, I know when my time is, countdown/

Work hard, make yourself proud/
Be the first up and the last when its lights out/
I know how crazy this might soundd/
But it's never given, gotta get it right now/

Did you forget? when you get it you can party and celebrate/
Maybe let the moment soak with a Cabernet/
Thank everyone that shaped who we are today/
I'll make sure that we wave when we elevate/


I just wanna make you proud/
That's why I give it all I can, try to make it count/
Let me hear you make noise and a decent sound/
Won't be another voice, gotta be profound/

And stand out, we're just holograms/
You worked hard you're just waiting on the summer and/
This is our time, and it goes like a shooting star/
Let em know that we'll shine, show them who we are/

Verse 2:

Yeah, playing biggie in my old whip/
Thrift clothes, 'cos you know all my money spent/
I'm just spitting what I'm living and I'm loving it/
Riders of the storm, play on till the summer ends/

Writing all my thoughts, try to pay debts/
The writings on the wall, you just gotta make 'cents'/
Hopping in my ride, you're a highlight reel/
I'm high on life, you make time sit still/

They'll tell you that it's on, but you get a second chance/
And up when you fall, that's the law of the land/
Smile when you look back cos you give it all you can/
So we puff puff pass, glass in the other hand/

That's why you gotta take patience/
There's no rush, work hard and you'll make it/
It's on us, jetset no pavement/
Victory is near I can smell it like fragrance/

Chorus x 1


Roll call all my people at the back/
roll call all my people at the front/
And I'm so focused on this moment/
If you feel it throw your hands up/

Roll call all my people to the left/
roll call all my people to the right/
And I ain't focused on what they're talking/
Cos I know we're doing alright/

Chorus x 1
Track Name: Lost In NY (Bonus)
Chorus x 1

It's been a long year wonder where you've been/
But all of this time you were there with me/
There with me now, you were there with me/

So when you make the table can you save a place/
And if the food gets cold, can you save a plate/
Save a plate for me, you were there with me/

And she said/

The front door stays open, and i know it aint snowing/
But i'm kinda in the mood to see a christmas movie tonight/
… with you by my side/ 

And what do we feel like watching? Let it be Malculy Culkin/
And we're both home alone so i'm feeling like i'm lost in NY/
… with you by my side, you by my side now/

Verse 1:

December 24, just me and the stars/
Reminiscing on the year, barely noticed it passed/
Not bad for the kid, who was the clown of the class/
Don't mean to toot my own horn, so I wrote you a card/

I'm standing at the door, see my cousin's arrivin'/
I'm visiting the home, where they still call me ryan/
Don't think this visits quick, they bout to be here all night man/
Mums on the phone, other hand on frying pan/

standing with my old man, preparing the playlist/
Springsteen on, maybe some miles davis/
we spent the entire year working for payslips/
Me and my tunnel vision yeah just like them reindeers/

I told you one day I'll play festival hall/
I'll be on the same stage they saw Lennon perform/

Let me thank my fans now just for all their support/
when I make the radio, I'm bout give you a call/

Chorus x 1

Verse II:

Yeah, a miracle on 34th street/
My parents put the presents out when we'd fall asleep/
I was 8, roller blades and a frisby/
Leave the game boy at home, I ain't taking it with me/ 

I remember as a kid watching carols on nine/
we can decorate the tree maybe give it some lights/
Ry be careful where you're stepping just don't walk on the vine/
It looks awesome from the window, still it took you all night/

Damn, I hoped my sister wouldn't get better presents?!/ But,
On the real, I couldn't get better parents/
Despite the discussions, despite all the fussing and fighting, 
I ain't talking I'm just keeping it private/

One day I'm going make it I'mma buy you the world/
Picket fences and a house you'll have diamonds and pearls/
'Cos it still trips me out people give me applause/
I do this for my fans, my fan base are like my based gods/

Bridge x 1

Ain't nothing like December Night's/ Hell Yeah/
I ain't religious, but Jesus Christ/ Amen/
I worked so hard and we're eating tonight/
And I can do anything if you're there by my Side/ I Said/

Chorus x 1