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released October 22, 2013

All Songs Written & Performed By Ryan Egan
Produced & Mixed By HAMLEY
Except 'Adore You' Produced & Mixed by C1
'Amnesia' Mixed by Tristan Hoogland
Additional piano on 'Cigars' by Hannah Day
Mastered by Tristan Hoogland at Hunting Ground Studios
Photo By Emma Louise Costabile & Dommy Hammond

Designed by RYWS



all rights reserved


Ryland Rose Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Amnesia
Verse I:

They think this happens overnight/
But you are so mistaken/
Writing verses, working overtime/
I'm just being patient/

Light some incense up on this musical high/
Got me Feeling like Russell Crowe from 'A Beautiful Mind'/
So quit stressin', why you texting? I won't set you aside/
I don't choose to reply, you know I'm just trying to write/

This album, that single, this treatment for that visual/
My whole life's Titanic, you know there won't be no sequels/
Meet deadlines, make headlines, I don't see how she feels/
These white lies, these skylines, caught up in these cheap thrills/

For the moment, just stay put, I'll make good, in no time/
Blinded by what's not mine, they build me up, then I nose dive/
And the sky might fall when these doves cry, so far gone in my own mind/
I guess you know how this story writes, if you love something then let it fly/


I know right where I belong, this is all I'm dreaming/
I'll be right there by your side, maybe not this evening/
We can light a fuse and we let this thing burn/
I'm so afraid, you forget who we were/
I got caught in a maze, I could never return/
They say they always believe ya/
Then they go on and leave ya/
I think they all got Amnesia/

Verse II:

They don't know about the sacrifice/
All the pain I tasted/
You said there's someone laying by your side/
Well I know that it's vacant/

This conversation again, you know you play on my mind/
Fighting till the batteries are dead, for the 50th time/
So in circles we spin, when neither of us are right/
I refuse to acknowledge it, still I don't compromiseee/

This picture, this movie, this outcome that I've scripted/
So if you say you trust me, don't tell me that I'm distant/
Criticism I digested, I know where I'm destined/
The fact that i been over looked, means they got my attentionnnn/

This tension, I can't take, My heart rate, feels burnt out/
Her perfumes, motel rooms, go up in flames, they burn down/
If they call this our final hour, well I think they should learn to count/
I guess you know how this story sounds, If you got dreams go get em now/

Chorus x 1
Track Name: Local Hero
Verse 1:

Local hero, town pride, Hometown boy in his towns eyes/
Playing songs from a dinted ride, Got big dreams for that city life/
Won't sit aside, big schemes, Won't feel right, if he don't leave/
There's no time, to just survive, and justify this scenery/

Sitting shotgun with his best friend, in an old Benz and that's their chariot/
Girls stare at their school dance, they walk around like champions/
Walking down their school halls, with their footballs, and their girlfriends/
So obnoxious, so they watch us, in his conscious, he ain't content/

In this, quiet room, quiet room, Watched all alone by this white moon/
Try to leave once schools out, but his girls wants to be a wife soon/
She's so keen on that house too, king-queen in their castle/
Picket fence, a trampoline for the family they'll amount to/

Bags packed and tank full, note saying he's thankful/
One last call to her home phone, each dial tone seems painful/
To his sweetheart, tell her think fast, if I ask do you wanna leave or stay/
I won't judge you, you know I love you, come with me when I runaway/


'Cos it feels like I'm losing my mind/
Driving slow I got nothing in site/
But I'm speeding on this highway of life/
I'm trying to be that Local Hero tonight/

Verse II:

Local hero, town pride, by himself in city lights/
Share house with 3 other guys, they study long, work overtime/
Mum rings on that landline, asking if he's eating right/
Bank broke, he's homesick, from all the shit, this city provides/

The only way to make it, his old girls now got a new favourite/
His old team now has a new captain, all alone, out of the action/
Goes to try outs no one to back him, he won't lie down, no distraction/
Feed the passion, in the meantime, master timing, things can happen/

So He's, Praying on that call back, he can't afford to crawl back/
So he's patient, but he's praying, he ain't back home with his old man/
One card to play, won't play it safe, theres one shot, at this new chance/
Phone rings, his heart skips, when they offer him a contract/

In the mirror, sees the city, and the place that paved the path/
Friday night lights, in his eye site, he's so close don't fall apart/
Count the head lights, watch the skyline, from the benches in this park/
Almost famous, so courageous, local boy, now the cities heart/

Chorus x 1


He goes on and on, that's until the break of dawn/
He ain't stopping what he started, He knows everything he wants/
Failure ain't no option, he is fearless from it all/
He knows his whole town is watching so he's got to prove them wrong/

The buildings are tall in this city of dreams/
This city hall isn't all that it seems/
The writings right there on this mirror that speaks/
Heroes will fall just like Autumns own leaves/
Please take a minute to properly breath/
Take it all in then exhale in peace/
Prevail your mind, open your eyes/
No jeopardising the prize that he needs/

Chorus x 1

[Outro Singing]
Track Name: The Breakdown

Call it The Breakdown, I'm out of control/
But I won't breakdown, my eyes on the road/
Nobodys safe now, ain't planning to slow/
I think they're afraid how, I'm ready to go/ Tell 'em we go/

Yeah tell 'em we go, and I'm shining like a diamond like I'm out on patrol/
With my pedal to the medal since I'm running with soul, now/
Let me break it down, just in case you ain't know/
Just in case you ain't know/

Verse 1:

Back on my fly boy shit/
Still walking on the stars like skywalk is/
White as exotic sand, but cool as the water is/
Choosing my favourite jordan's like 5,4,6/

Me and Soul on the executive list/
'Cos all we really do is make consecutive hits/
Now girls show up at shows and neglect their braziers/
And the new wave's arrived, just accept that it is/ (Sorry)

Boy meets world, I'm still finding my place/
Bird without a nest, just got out of my cage/
I ain't afraid to soar, just get out of my way/
'Cos there sure is a slight chance I might land on my face/

Now watch me as I bully around/
But I really hate bullies I think bullies are clowns/
Who's coming close when it comes to holding it down?/
Who's coming close when it comes to holding the crown?/

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

Look, I ain't as cool as I once claimed/
In a rare pair of shoes but a broke bank/
And Things ain't really feeling like the old days/
But I could turn a cold beat into a cold case/

Murder, I'll let you catch up like an old mate/
I got a dream to sell tickets like I'm Coldplay/
I'm still the same, never change in my own lane/
I ain't chasing anything now except my own fate/

And you're a bit late, but I forgive you/
I don't really understand why everybody has an issue?!/
Rap songs catchy, living like a maverick/
When it comes to these tracks i'm athletic like Cathy/

Used to hand out songs from the boot of a Camry/
And when it comes to these bars see i'm smooth, like cadbury/
Melbourne on my back, born and raised in the city/
And I never rock caps cos my hair's too pretty/

Chorus x 1


Yeah and we on, tell em we on/
From the music that I'm making to the records I'm on /
They don't think I'm ill then what planet they from?/
So consider this a message if they're saying I'm wrong/

Yeah and we on, tell em we on/
From the music that I'm making to the records I'm on /
They don't think I'm ill then what planet they from?/
So consider this a message if they're saying I'm wrong/

Chorus x 1
Track Name: Adore You

I'm sorry if I never called you/
Just so you know that I adored you/

Could this be my fault? Tell me that you're near pick up your phone/
And this shit is so real, now I guess I know about the pain you feel/

You were all I ever wanted in my life, girl/
You were all I ever needed in my mind, yeah/

Verse I:

Dancing with the devil, planning on ways to settle/
Private school girl, she fell in love with a rebel/
Love the way she's feeling, from their very first meeting/
Way out of her league, but happy to be competing/

I just try to breathe in, arguments in the evening/
Knew that she was trouble, but trouble can be deceiving/
High school sweetheart, love her but then I leave her/
Cold blooded killer, take her heart and delete her/

I been on a highway, said that she was so gone/
I refuse to pick up, see her on my cell phone/
Does she know that I regret that?/
I'm just praying that she gets back/

Chorus x 1

I'm over the limit, hoping I be forgiven/
Gotta make it to hers, I'm praying somebody visits/
She's already done it, I ain't trying to listen/
Asking if I love her, told her I really didn't/

Honesty in my sentence, parents ain't even tripping/
Still lucky to have a lot of things that I didn't/
That's probably where we differ, see her in my mirror/
Whispering my name, saying that I complete her/

Told her go her own way, said she couldnt do that/
I been on a highway, said I'd never move back/
Just tell me that you're ok/
Praying that she's gonna call back/

Chorus x 1
Track Name: Good Morning (Extended)

This here is an interruption/
Coming to you live, no introduction/
We be feeling alright, lets get this jumping/
If you feel this vibe, follow my instructions/


Good morning/ Good morning/
And if this nights the only thing we got/
When we rise and shines the only time we stop/
Cos we be saying/

Verse 1:

Good morning, you know I'm yawning/
Driving to work, wishing I was recording/
Buildin' these rap songs, like I was a foreman/
'Nother day in the trenches, just fighting the boredom/

Grew up near Balwyn, but I'm Bulleen though/
Shout out Box Hill, Doncaster I see ya'll/
Heart of the city, they be calling me D-Rose/
Ignoring my iPhone, I be caught in a deep zone/

With, Monday-itis, tell me, who's the nicest/
Then, who's the livest, so, who's the flyest/
Till, they're saying Ryan, typing more than a typist/
I'll be writing these songs till I'm getting arthritis/

'Cos you know I goes in, you know I goes hard/
When it comes to this muscle, more hustle than pool sharks/
Choosing my next move, cos this ain't play cards/
Try to afford a bit more than k-mart, we be saying/

Chorus (Extended)

Good morning/ Good morning/
And if this nights the only thing we got/
When we rise and shines the only time we stop/ Cos we be saying/

You know we get down/
Partying all night, I think this could get loud/
We getting so high, float on a white cloud/
Till we're seeing sunlight, invite the street round/ we're saying/

Verse II:

Good morning, checking my twitter feed/
Then I jump up, hopping into my six speed/
That was a lie, my cars mitsu-bishi/
Senior citizen style, people think that I'm 50-tee/

Not ashamed to admit, I was never those frat boys/
But you know a kids, raised up by them rap boys/
Playing that trap noise, but I ain't rick ross/
Remember as a kid, dancing round to kris kross/

I was the, front runner for the runt of the group/
I had a, shaved head that was número two/
All over, and I had a face of braces/
Probably why I was afraid to embrace the stages/

Now I'm king of the zoo, yeah banging my chest/
Getting photographs done, with you and your friends/
And I'm posin, posted up doing my best/
So, get some no doze, I ain't missing my jet/

Chorus x 1


This here is an interruption/
Coming to you live no introduction/
We be feeling alright, lets get this jumping/
If you feel this vibe, follow my instructions/

Left right to the side and back/
Throw your hands high let me know where you're at/ at/ at/
Party people in the place to be/
Let me take a minute now, tell you who I be/

Appreciate that you went and got a front row seat/
Bonus points if you made it in, with fake ID/ Yeah Yeah/
I'm on stage with my DJ Jimmy/
He be dancing round like his first names Diddy/ Good morning/

Chorus x 1

Outro x 1
Track Name: Cigars
Verse 1:

When I was 10 I used to ball a lot/
Killer crossover they would call me ruck/
Leader of my school team I rarely missed a shot/
I was short but made sure I always made the squad/

See my parent's used to fight a lot, so I would hide a lot/
Shooting on the black top/
Neighbours would complain, saying that I need to stop/
That kid bouncing the ball needs to call it off/

My dad would storm out the home/
Into the garage, puff cigars all alone/
I'd be shooting free throws I could hear him on the phone/
Making ends meet cos he feared us being broke/

Your basketball shoes are on the way now/
Dad how much longer do I have to wait now?/
Sorry mate, it's late the cars about to break down/
I need it for my job otherwise I don't get paid now/

My commissions coming soon and ill get paid out/
When's it coming through cos mums about to break down/
He could see it on my face now/
After that its you Ruck, I promise we will take you out/

In primary school as kids/
We played with chain nets, it was the sound of the swish/
It was more than lunch time it was a chance for me to win/
It was more than just an exit it's the only way I lived/


So I'd run into the night/
No one else knows that I'm here/
Aint No shadow by my side/
But there ain't anything that I fear/

I'd shoot on into the night/
No one else knows that I'm here/
Ain't No shadow by my side/
I Guess I ain't going home.../

Verse II:

Man, I worked so hard one summer/
Sweat through all my tees, i was draining all my jumpers/
Play without fear, no better way to show the hunger/
I was in a state of mind, I only wanted state numbers/

Then came the day we had our try outs/
I was possessed, eyes focused on the prize now/
I made it through, impressed everyone/
But the one guy I worked so hard to prove it was my time now/

Young coach with acclaim/
Newest to the club I guess he wants to make a name/
Saw me round school, figured I could take the blame/
And hated flashy kids even with, a good game/

There were guys here I know that couldn't last/
See I was taking shots when he told me I should pass/
Yeah we know you made them, we won't ever let your start/
You possess all the moves, but you need to check your heart/

Youre not ready for our style, join the little leagues/
Speechless in the moment he was crushing all my dreams/
Points me to door, tells me I should leave/
Then in front of everyone goes and cuts me front the, team...


Cigar smoke blows out the garage door/
Talking on the telephone making all the calls/
God bless the kid I hear bouncing the ball/
Somebody send a miracle before I lose it all/

Verse III:

Yeah, So I put it in my poems/
That same coach is the critic saying i cant write a song/
The same DJ that won't ever put me on/
The same fucking manager that went and tried to rip me off/

I won't settle down, I should have never given up/
I should have walked back in the stadium and beat the fucker up/
Instead I went home, sat in my backyard/
Tears rolling down my cheek as dad puffed on his cigars/

As I reflect on my scars/
I don't have regrets to what happened in my past/
Some of us need lessons that will tell us who we are/
This music was a teacher telling me to get back up/

Even when I'm beaten down, I ain't throwing in the towel/
And fuck the cool kids that think I shouldnt be around/
Believe in yourself, that's my oath, its my vowel/
Young king fighting lions, I ain't lying to myself/

Chorus x 1